Category: Effects

6T9-Based “Revibe”


One day my friend Frankie picked up a Hammond M103 organ from the side of the road. It didn’t work, but all the parts were there. After looking at how much work it would take to get it running again, he stripped all the useful parts and gave them to me. This project is NOT made from the Hammond organ parts. Well, not exactly.

Boss AB2 Power Jack Mod


The Boss AB2 is a relatively inexpensive and readily available buffered A/B footswitch. It suffers from one critical problem: it cannot be powered by a pedalboard supply. Boss decided to make this pedal run only from a pair of AAA batteries stored inside the unit, which must be disassembled to change. And if the batteries die, no sound gets through because it’s a buffered pedal. Because of these problems, the AB2 is a rare sight to see on pedalboards, but that can be fixed with just a few parts and a few minutes of work.