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2005 Honda VFR800 Interceptor

I was never really drawn to sport bikes, preferring vintage standards, oddball cruisers and one-off choppers. But when I had to scratch that itch for a new (and not just new-to-me) bike and the Honda Magna had been discontinued, my fascination with the V4 drew me to the Interceptor. Its mix of street-applicable performance, agility, durability and long-ride comfort really made me a believer in the sport-biased side of the sport-touring world.

1982 Honda CB900 Chopper


I originally bought this bike in 2004 after I wrecked my 1988 Super Magna. The plan was to ride it around in stock form while I fixed the Magna, and then chop it into something ridiculous. The chopping part happened before I got around to fixing the Magna, and here’s what came out.