About Me

I’m 34, I was born and remain male. I lack the genetic trickery to arbitrarily change genders like some frogs can do. Though for quite a few years I had stunning long hair that made ALL the ladies jealous. Even the crew-cut flannel-wearing he-lesbians.

I’m a geek through and through, always playing with gadgets and new technology. I will happily sit and watch a Star Trek or Star Wars movie marathon, but no more than about once a year. Then I start getting the ‘masculine twitch’ to do something more cliche manly, like change the oil in my car or weld something where it doesn’t belong. You know how these things go.

When I’m not working, I find enjoyment in motorcycling, camping, playing guitar, making bad jokes that cross between the most basic of toilet humor and the highest of wit at a moment’s notice, brewing beer, taste testing all the bourbon whiskey this world can muster, and taking part in especially strange conversations.

When I am working, I find enjoyment in network communcations, scalable information infrastructures, and browbeating the speed of light into submission. It really helps to remember that sometimes, when all the answers that should work don’t, there’s always a steel-toed boot. Just kicking the crap out of it might not make it work, but it sure feels better. Who knows, it might even bring you some fresh inspiration!

Despite my upbringing and extensive youth involvement, I find myself as an adult completely non-religious. My beef is with the institutionalization of religion – as a social institution it’s EXCELLENT, but as a spiritual instution it leads people farther away from the nature of Goodness than I’m comfortable with. Spiritually, I believe in a God-ness, a pervasive sensibility of (somewhat chaotic) betterness that underlies the universe and holds our bits together. But I’m quite resistant to attach any personification or anthropic traits to this God-ness. This world is a beautiful and complex place that can lead us to limitless inspiration.