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LBA Tweed Twin


When Frankie disassembled a Hammond M103 organ he picked up from the side of the road, I ended up with a huge pile of parts. Lucky me, an AO-67 amplifier and two Rola 12″ alnico speakers fell in my lap! By the look of the completely dry-rotted, twisted and shorted out 2-wire power cord and the incredible depth of dust on this thing I could tell it had been sitting for a bare minimum of 15 years. One of the speakers needed a little cone repair and all of the electrolytics were dried out.

How the Fender 5E3 Deluxe Works


This started out as someone on TDPRI asking for some enlightenment on what the various components do in a 5E3… before I realized it I had described nearly every component! Here it has been consolidated and reordered, along with a copy of the Weber 5E3 Deluxe layout that was used as reference.

LBA Octal Head

Octal Front

I had been wanting to try an octal preamp for a while, so I figured 2011 would be a good time to build one. This amp has gone through about a dozen revisions with tons of experimentation along the way. After 2 years without major modification, I ditched the cascode and moonlight tone stack on Channel 2 in favor of a two-stage design. After a ton of trial and error, attempts at all sorts of interesting preamps, the current “final” version squeezes roughly 50 watts into a chassis smaller than your typical 18-watter. It was quite a challenge, and it’s...

5.1 Tube Home Theater – Main Channels


Building an all-tube-powered 5.1 channel surround sound home theater system is probably the most ambitious project I have attempted. My goal is to build a surround sound home theater system using all tube amps, and to do it without bankrupting myself in the process. To pull this off I had to set a few guidelines that would keep this project under control: